GuitarTuna App Review


Hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel of the School of Feedback Guitar. If you like this video, if you like app reviews for guitar, I would highly recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel. I think you're going to be really pleasantly surprised with the amount of app reviews that I'm going to be doing that are specifically made for guitar.

But in any event, in this particular video, I'm going to be going over GuitarTuna which is basically a tuning application for iOS. I think like this is probably one of the best guitar tuning apps you can get especially if you’re a beginner. The reason why is because if you look, after you go through all the welcome screens and you look inside the app, you see like you can pick the strings that you want to tune. This is really important for beginners.

So basically you don’t have to necessarily know the names of the strings in order to tune your guitar with this specific app. And I think that's what's really wonderful about it. There's also another thing that's really really cool about this app. It's that it gives you this great congratulations kind of sound once you get a string in tune. And it will guide you there by saying like, "Oh, you're too high right now," or "You're too low right now."

I’m going to demonstrate it on a low E string. So check this out. See how it's saying it's too low right now? I'm going to bring this up to the middle. Isn't that great? It's always nice to have a little bit of feedback to know when your guitar's in tune.

So in any event you would go through all of these strings. And basically you would tune up your guitar really quickly. Now the rest of the functionality of the app, I'm not the biggest fan of. And as far as like a chord libraries or metronomes go, honestly you can find better ones online. With all the other things that they offer on here, it's cool. It's cool. And it may work for you. It didn't really work for me. And I don't really totally recommend it but in as far as the guitar tuning app that just gets the job done and gets you playing guitar, I can’t recommend the guitar tuning app more. It is a really really really cool app. As of today it's free. That may change in the future.

I'm not really totally certain how that's going to work out but in any event if you're looking for an app to tune your guitar, GuitarTuna is the one you want. Okay, so that's it for this app review. Please feel free to subscribe to the channel if you liked this review, if you want to see more of them in the future. I mean I'm going to be doing a bunch of app reviews for iOS and everything that will help you learn guitar faster and in a better and more methodical way. So in any event thanks for tuning in and I hope you have a great rest of your day.