Capo App Review


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So in this particular video, I'm going to go over probably my favorite app of all time for guitar purposes. And that app is Capo by SuperUltraMegaGroovy. I don't think I got the name right, but in any event, this app is amazing. I'm going show you a couple of things that you can do with this app that are incredible. So first off, like if you notice down here, this is like basically the screen that you get presented with. You're like, "okay, well I've got all of these songs," whatever. It analyzes your iOS library of songs that you've downloaded digitally. I mean this is a great reason to get the app and to download songs in general because, you know, you can't stream songs in Capo, you have to download them. I think downloading songs is probably the better route anyways. It supports the artists and what-not.

But in any event, another benefit of that is that you need to pull it [the song] into Capo and this is where things get really, really cool. Now, let's just say that you're learning to play a guitar arrangement of Burn The Witch by Radiohead. Now I have already loaded this project in but basically Capo will tell you, it'll calculate the key of the song, and it'll give you guitar chords at the very bottom of the---Not the bottom necessarily, but the second top of the---Like right there. Right in the middle bar right there. Excuse me. So basically, this is the waveform of the song which is pretty cool, right? And if you play it, it's pretty awesome. [Music starts playing]

Now, where Capo gets really, really great is how you can slow things down if it's going too fast for you. Like let's say you're playing this arrangement of a song. You know, you're playing an F#7 or an E or whatever. And you're trying to play the song but it's going too fast for you. Capo can allow you to slow the song down without changing the pitch. [Music starts playing] Pretty rad, right? Okay. Now the Capo does a couple of other things that I think are really well worth mentioning. And one thing you can do with Capo is to change the actual pitch of the song without changing the tempo of it. So let's go back here and play [Music starts playing]

So here we have a chipmunk version of Burn The Witch. And now we have like a totally metal-like crazy-deep-voice version of it. And if you notice, like whenever I change like the tune of this, the chords changed as well. So this is what's really, really, really wonderful about this app. It shows you the chords, you can slow down or speed up a song, and you can change the pitch as you need to. These three things alone makes the app amazing. And I would totally, totally totally recommend it.

Now at the moment, the app is like--It's pretty expensive for an app but I'd say it's like really, really, really well worth it. And you never know how like prices are, they might change in the future. And the one thing that's also really cool is that I've emailed the guy who makes this app and he is always thinking and always trying to come up with a better way to present information and to help people learn. I think this is an app that you really, really really want to watch because you're going learn so much from it and you are also going get a treat; I think this guy is always onto something new and always onto something even better than what he's created before.

So this app is amazing. I would highly recommend it. It's going to help you learn to play guitar so much better and so much faster. I would highly recommend it. So that's an overview of this app. I hope you enjoyed it. Again, like in the future, I'm going be doing a ton of app reviews. So if you dig this review and you want more of them and you want to kind of like find some better apps for learning to play guitar, just subscribe to this channel because I'm going be doing a ton of it in the future. Thanks so much for checking it out and have yourself an excellent day.