EX-100 App Review


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The app that I’m going to be reviewing today is the EX-100 Guitar Shred app which is a learning app that shows you a bunch of guitar shred exercises. I love this app for a lot more reasons than one. Check this out. This is the cool introduction.
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That always gets me. I really like this a lot. This app just has a bunch of technical exercises for those people who are interested in learning more lead guitar stuff and working on their own technique and foundation. I found that this app has a lot of goodness to it specifically if we look at the warm up levels we could find a bunch of levels here. They’re all laid out to be just a little bit more difficult than the last one and also I’m giving you for instance here.
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Which is really cool. It’s got a lot of really, really great examples just for warm-ups and everything and then he goes all the way through all of the many different types of things that you can focus on as a lead guitarist and a shred guitarist like picking, legato, riffing, tapping, sweeping, you know, all bunch of stuff and it has like some extras on here which are also really well worth going over and spending some time with. I think that this app is amazing for you if you are an intermediate guitarist who’s interested in learning more about guitar like – sorry, excuse me, learning more about lead guitar and if you’re an advanced guitarist looking to refine your technique, I think it’s just an excellent, excellent app altogether.
There're a couple of things that I’m not such a big fan of when it comes to this app that kind of annoys me, honestly. If you go to the warm up section and it doesn’t really like lets you know, "Oh, well this should be a down pick, this should be a pick," whatever, which to be honest is not like the biggest thing in the world. I can always kind of come up with my own picking and my own picking exercises but I found that to be a little frustrating and I imagine that somebody who is doing this stuff for the first time might also be really frustrated with them. Other than that, of course, I dislike the typography of this. This app has not been updated in a number of years which is okay. I get that. Updating apps is kind of hard and probably really time-consuming but if this app does get any interest in being updated again, I would just recommend like just a different font. I mean, it’s cool. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong like the meat of this app is just the actual exercises which are just amazing but we – [music playing] it’s not like a really good looking app necessarily. Again, I still think like the entire app is solid and the guitarist who put this together is incredible, super familiar with the guitar and really, really knows what he’s doing.
Overall though despite my small problems with the app, totally suggested and I would totally suggest downloading it right now and just go through it each day and get better. It’s awesome. It’s just like lifting weights for guitar. That’s all I’ve got for this video. If you dig app reviews for guitar apps for iOS, feel free to subscribe. I will be doing a bunch of them in the near and far future. In the mean time, thanks so much for checking out this app review and have an excellent rest of your day. Bye-bye for now.