Every person is different. So, what do you want to play?


Want to learn guitar? I can teach you as long as you practice five minutes each day. Don't believe me? Here are five persons who have done it already:

1. I've worked with an insanely busy high school principal who wanted desperately to play Tom Petty songs. No problem. We got there on five minutes of practice.

2. I showed a retiree how to play guitar from scratch, and now he's in the studio recording his first album. He got there by doing the minimal amount of work each day.

3. I work with a 13 year old who usually writes two songs before each lesson. Because she agrees to do five minutes of concentrated practice, she keeps on learning and writing more songs.

4. I taught a mom how to play her favorite songs with her husband, and she found it so simple to learn.

5. I've worked with a busy professional worth millions of dollars who flat out told me he didn't have time to practice. After encouraging him to practice only five minutes a day, he still learned how to play guitar!

I'm prepared for every personality type, and I customize the path for each student that comes in. I listen to what their needs are, I collaborate with them on the best and quickest way to get them what they want, and then I work insanely hard to clear all the roadblocks keeping them from their dream of playing guitar.

Located in South Austin, The School of Feedback Guitar has more than a decade of experience teaching complete beginners how to play guitar. What do you want to play?

Dave Wirth, MM

(that's me, on the left!)


Jenn C.

He's worth every penny.  Highly recommended.

He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating (important bc I am super intimidated by musician-types) and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner.

WHat To Practice

After each lesson, you'll receive a email explaining the best and most powerful way to spend your five minute practice time, each day. All suggestions are based upon your ability and what you are learning.

Practice 5 Minutes

Schedule a five minute block of time each day for practicing guitar and apply the suggestion. It could be right before bed, or right as you get up. If you practice the suggestion, you'll learn guitar quickly.

Play Music

After your five minutes of practice is up, it's time to play around on guitar. Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your musical labor! Pop on a song at full volume, sing loud, and play to your heart's content.



Debbie D.

WOW! What a GREAT find!  Dave is an amazing teacher. He is unassuming and unintimidating and has the great gift of encouragement that makes you want to learn more.  His "just practice 5 minutes a day" regime is genius because the things he gives you to practice are so fun that the 5 minutes quickly turns into 10, then 20, then 30.....

Song Sheets.jpg

Gorgeous Tabs

You'll get a beautifully designed PDF of each song you learn. Each includes the chords you'll play for the song, easy-to-read tablatures, song maps, chord diagrams, and more.


Helpful Videos

You'll get a play-along video of every song you learn. If you're having trouble with a specific part in a song, you'll get a customized troubleshooting video, made specifically for you.

Hi-Res Photos

You'll get high resolution photo sets of the chords you need to learn at two different angles: One with the camera looking down at the guitar like you would, and the other facing the guitar head on.

Best Audio Loops

You'll get high quality audio loops of just the guitar parts of any song, simply so that you can practice. Practicing along with loops will help you learn the song faster.



Skyler T.

If you peruse my reviews you know I'm no BS: if something is good, I'll tell you. Dave is the truth; he's knowledgeable and skilled enough to satisfy the tight pant indie kids and the dark shredders of the world.