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  • Owner of The School of Feedback Guitar in Austin, TX. The School of Feedback Guitar has been open since 2006.
  • Exclusively specialized on helping beginners to guitar since the first day of teaching.
  • Focus as a teacher is on sustainable practice habits. Good practice habits lead to a lifelong enjoyment of guitar.
  • Created a song sheet design that allows students to effortlessly visualize music in the same way that working musicians do. 

Education (detail)

  • Master's Degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Literature from Eastman School of Music.
    • Began learning classical guitar three years before the Eastman audition. Eastman was ranked as #1 in 2010 amongst music schools. It usually takes a decade of practice to have a successful audition.
    • Studied with Nicholas Goluses, Professor and Chair of Classical Guitar Studies.
    • Master classes with world-famous guitarists Scott Tennant of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, David Tannenbaum, Benjamin Verdery, Jason Vieux, and lutenist Paul Odette.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Jazz and Classical Guitar Performance from Bowling Green State University.
    • Had no clue how to read music at time of audition, but was successful anyway.
    • Studied with Chris Buzzelli, Professor and Chair of Jazz Guitar Studies, and classical guitarist Daniel Lippel.
    • Did four performance juries per semester, at least three actual performances per semester, and eventually learned how to read music notation.