The School of Feedback Guitar is the most highly-regarded school in Austin for absolute beginners to guitar on Yelp, and for good reason. I work hard to maintain an outstanding environment to learn guitar, and I love working with beginners.

If you want to learn guitar from scratch, you need a good start. Can you imagine igniting a life-long friendship with music if you hated to learn guitar? If you decide to take guitar lessons, you'll need a teacher who will stoke those fires of passion in you, someone who has your back.

My mission is to mix high-quality education, optimism, and humanity into each lesson I teach. I'm here to help anyone who is enthusiastic and excited about learning guitar. I sincerely hope you'll consider me as your guide, and I hope to meet you soon.

Dave Wirth


Creating a solid reputation for excellence didn't happen overnight (I had to work hard for that).

The School Of Feedback Guitar


The School of Feedback Guitar is located a mere five minutes south of downtown Austin, TX. Five minutes!


I keep a large catalog of songs and song-sheets ready for deployment at any time, and I work hard to make learning a song extremely simple for beginners. I can also figure out songs by ear in case none of these songs really strike you as fun to play.



I have put my entire teaching schedule online and I allow students the power to pick and choose immediately which lesson slots work best for them. The result? Scheduling hassles have been virtually eliminated.



I completely customize each lesson for each student individually, period. I’ll never give you any ‘homework’ that’s way beyond your skill level, and I'll always find a perfect song for you to dig into.



Long ago, I decided that teaching guitar wasn’t just about music—it's about connecting with people. The guitar is just an excuse! I enjoy hanging out with people and playing music with them.



The School of Feedback Guitar is set up in room painted a deep shade of blue. I think it has a wonderful ambiance with tasteful lighting. No crappy fluorescent lights here, no thank you, and no guitarists turning their amps up next door, either.




I always remember what you worked on in the previous lesson, and I always know where we could go next. I know how to play and teach guitar. How many other Austin guitar teachers can do that?!?


Want a couple of free resources to get started on your path to learning guitar? Get two free eBooks right now: Music Theory for Beginning Guitarists and Why Online Guitar Lessons Suck.