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"I picked Dave based on reviews and have not been disappointed.  The hour flies by and each week I am progressing.  Dave has the knack to calmly guide you to the next step and is always encouraging."  - Marco S.
"He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating (important because I am super intimidated by musician-types) and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner. " - Jenn C.

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"WOW! What a GREAT find!  Dave is an amazing teacher. He is unassuming and unintimidating and has the great gift of encouragement that makes you want to learn more." - Debbie D.
"Dave is everything that I expected and more as a guitar instructor.  His five minutes a day approach and low pressure demeanor in lessons is amazing.  I ended up having so much fun playing that my "five minutes a day" turned into about 20 five minute sessions a day basically every time I walked by the guitar, and all of a sudden I realized that I was actually playing a guitar."  Jake B.

Located in the heart of Austin, TX


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Fantastic learning experience

The School of Feedback Guitar provides awesome guitar lessons in Austin for complete beginners and beyond. If you've never played guitar before and you want to learn, The School of Feedback Guitar is here to help you. 

Beginners need a good, healthy start at guitar and they need someone who can keep an eye on the overall direction to help them move forward and explore their musical interests further. Intermediates need the sort of guidance that helps without constricting one's interests. Intermediates need a mentor.

Both requires working with a teacher that has your back.

The School of Feedback guitar is one of the most highly-regarded guitar schools in Austin. Each day, each lesson, and each moment is aimed to be nothing less than a fantastic learning experience on guitar. Under no false pretenses, I gladly accept the challenge of giving nothing less but the best guitar lessons in Austin.

My mission is to help beginners and intermediate guitarists learn by mixing high-quality education, a seamless user experience, and a wonderful humanity into each lesson I teach. I'm here to help anyone who is enthusiastic and excited about learning guitar. 

I sincerely hope you'll consider me as your guide, and I hope to meet you soon.



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Nine excellent reasons why:

Awesome Location

The School of Feedback Guitar is located five minutes south of downtown Austin, TX.

Beautiful Space

Imagine a room painted a deep shade of blue, with tasteful decorations, good lighting, and comfortable chairs.

Easy Scheduling

No scheduling hassles here. If you want a guitar lesson, book it online, right now if you wanted.

Custom Learning

I completely customize and personalize each lesson for each student individually, Have a problem? I'll work around it.

Full Email Support

Got a question that just can't wait until your next lesson? Drop me a line and I'll help you out.

I've got your back

I will always be prepared to teach you, and help you get a little better at guitar. I know what it's like to start from scratch.

Simple Stuff

What I teach is meant to be completely absorbed as quickly as possible. Never too hard, never too easy.

Incredible Learning Experience

Everything is designed to be an incredible learning experience. You will have tons of fun learning the best instrument ever!