Awesome Guitar Lessons In Austin

"He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating (important because I am super intimidated by musician-types) and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner. " - Jenn C.
"WOW! What a GREAT find!  Dave is an amazing teacher. He is unassuming and unintimidating and has the great gift of encouragement that makes you want to learn more." - Debbie D.

welcome to The School of Feedback Guitar.

The School of Feedback Guitar provides awesome guitar lessons in Austin for complete beginners. What I mean is, if you've never played guitar before and you want to learn, I'm here to help you. My job is to give you exactly what you need to get a good, healthy start at guitar and then to help you move forward and explore your musical interests further. If you decide to take lessons with me, I'll stoke those fires of passion in you, I'll help you have a ton of fun on guitar, and I'll always have your back.

The School of Feedback guitar is one of the most highly-regarded guitar schools in Austin. Each day, I focus on what it takes to structure guitar lessons into a stupendous experience for the people I work with. I work hard to maintain an outstanding environment to learn. I make each and every lesson a total party. I have chosen to be totally present and completely available to help each and every person who decides to learn guitar from me. I don't back down from the challenge of giving nothing less but the best guitar lessons in Austin.

My mission is to help beginners and total newbies learn by mixing high-quality education, a seamless user experience, and a wonderful humanity into each lesson I teach. I'm here to help anyone who is enthusiastic and excited about learning guitar. Are you as enthusiastic as I am? I hope so! I sincerely hope you'll consider me as your guide, and I hope to meet you soon.


"I picked Dave based on reviews and have not been disappointed.  The hour flies by and each week I am progressing.  Dave has the knack to calmly guide you to the next step and is always encouraging."  - Marco S.
"Dave is everything that I expected and more as a guitar instructor.  His five minutes a day approach and low pressure demeanor in lessons is amazing.  I ended up having so much fun playing that my "five minutes a day" turned into about 20 five minute sessions a day basically every time I walked by the guitar, and all of a sudden I realized that I was actually playing a guitar."  Jake B.


The School of Feedback Guitar is located five minutes south of downtown Austin, TX. This makes it ideal for guitar lessons after a long and (perhaps) stressful workday. Come on in, and you and I will kick back and enjoy playing some music!


The School of Feedback Guitar is set up in room painted a deep shade of blue, with tasteful decorations and comfortable chairs. It has a wonderful ambiance with tasteful lighting; No crappy fluorescent lights here, no thank you, and no guitarists turning their amps up next door, either.


I have put my entire teaching schedule online and I allow students the power to pick and choose immediately which lesson slots work best for them. The result? Scheduling hassles have been virtually eliminated.


I completely customize and personalize each lesson for each student individually, period. I base this personalization on years of experience working with many different types of people, and knowing what each could handle. I’ll never give you any ‘homework’ that’s way beyond your skill level, and I'll always try hard to find a perfect song for you to dig into.


Creating a solid reputation for excellence didn't happen overnight. I've worked hard and in an ethically and socially responsible manner for years before I saw this happen:

The School Of Feedback Guitar


Long ago, I decided that teaching guitar wasn’t just about music—it's about connecting with people and giving to them exactly what they asked for. The guitar is just an excuse! I enjoy hanging out with people and playing music with them, and I adore the chance I get to help them get better at guitar.


I will always remember what you and I worked on in the previous lesson. I will always have a direction prepared for where we could go next. I will always be prepared for your lesson. I will always bring my A-game.


What I teach is meant to be completely absorbed as quickly as possible. I totally hate it when I see a student struggle with learning when there's an easier path. My job is to ease the bumps, and make a student's journey of playing guitar as simple and as easy to understand as possible.


I keep a large catalog of songs and song-sheets ready for deployment at any time, and I work hard to make learning a song extremely simple for beginners. I can also figure out songs by ear in case none of these songs really strike you as fun to play.


"Dave Wirth is a tremendous motivator and a great teacher. He spends time not only teaching you the guitar "from scratch" but also makes the experience enjoyable! He has a knack of reading my preparation for every session and knows when to push and when to lay off." - Nik D.
"From the first lesson, Dave has been a great teacher. He knows his stuff, is unbelievably patient, and constantly encouraging." - Gary S.